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We are a consortium of industry-leading companies from around the globe. Our members include the world’s best-known consumer brands, technological innovators, and mobile platform pioneers.

Optimized for Mobile

As a total benchmarking solution for mobile devices, our benchmarks measure the performance of each hardware component, overall web-related performance, and UI performance.

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Intel is pleased to have joined the MobileBench Consortium during the past year.  We support efforts that advance the state of benchmarking in the industry, and are active participants in several benchmarking consortia and benchmark development programs.  Intel is committed to work alongside the other members of the MobileBench Consortium to grow the number of industry supported benchmarking tools available for Android.

- Intel

Samsung expects that the MobileBench Consortium is going to play a major role in uniformly assessing hardware performance for both developers and for users of mobile devices. We are working closely with other consortium members to develop the best possible assessment tools, in a collaborative effort that we are encouraging other interested companies to join.

- Samsung

Oppo is honored to be a member of the MobileBench Consortium and to cooperate with the mobile giants involved in this effort. We’re working with the top mobile manufacturers to introduce MobileBench as a fair, credible and accurate benchmark tool. This consortium is open to all interested mobile makers and we welcome others in the mobile space to be part of it.


With the cooperation of the mobile industry at large, the MobileBench Consortium is seeking to give top priority to providing users with added convenience and more usable features. Broad adoption of MobileBench’s applications will better delineate differences in performance and enable mobile system designers to deliver uniform performance in more diverse user environments at a faster pace.

- Samsung