About Us

MobileBench Consortium is a consortium of leading companies in the mobile industry dedicated to the development of performance assessment tools for industry-wide use on smartphones and tablets.

Inaugurated in Shenzhen, China, in 2013, MobileBench Consortium is currently developing two professional benchmark tools: the MobileBench benchmark for measuring hardware performance, and the companion MobileBench-UX benchmark containing system-level applications that test factors affecting user experience. MobileBench is a credible, fair and accurate alternative to non-standard, consumer-focused benchmarking tools for Android smartphones and tablets, and is available free-of-charge from Google Play Store and several top apk stores in China.

MobileBench charter members include the industry’s leading innovators, including board members Samsung Electronics, Spreadtrum, HP, Intel, and adopter members Dell, Marvell, SanDisk, Tektronix, and Vivo.

The consortium is advised by research groups at Arizona State University and the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Yonsei University. Arizona State University and Yonsei University are two of the leading institutions of higher education and advanced research in the United States and South Korea, respectively. Yonsei University is the oldest private university in South Korea and is known internationally for its many fields of study in engineering, science, and technology.